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2020 and beyond

As we are about to close for the Christmas period, we look forward to our future in 2020. We are returning to the Community room…

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Big things Coming

Most of you don’t know but Trowbridge Service Users Group has no funding but managed to provide a support system for those living with mental…

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Art From Buttons

Buttons have become a really popular medium, no longer restricted to fastening clothes, they are used in a huge variety of art and craft projects….

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Matisse inspired painting with acrylics

This week we began our new ‘first Monday of the month 10am start’ so we are more accessible to people who have school run or…

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Weaving on a cardboard loom

This week we had the opportunity to try weaving on a cardboard loom! This was very enjoyable and relaxing to do and we have included…

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Embossing Foil

Today we were treated to a lovely session with Grace from Creative Minds, embossing pieces of metal foil. If you would like to have a…

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Trowbridge Tesco Supporting Mental Health

A huge big thank you to the Community Team at Trowbridge Tesco. Tesco In Trowbridge for you that did not know has a community room…

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New Times and days For Group

Start from February Trowbridge Service Users Group will have new opening Times and an extra day. The first Monday of each month we will open…

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