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Tesco Trowbridge
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Tesco Trowbridge Step Up Once Again

Once again, Tesco Trowbridge has proved to be the heart of the community.  Tesco Trowbridge has really shown so much support for Trowbridge Service User’s…

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So they see me
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Do they even see me?

When you live with a mental illness, you almost become two (or sometimes more than two) people.  You have you and the illness, one that…

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The Laverton - A Community Venue The Laverton is focused on giving the people of Westbury a venue that fulfils the original aims of the Laverton Trust ‘The provision and maintenance of a community centre for the use of the inhabitants of the town of Westbury’.
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Why Westbury?

Mark has asked me to write this 500-word blog about why I wanted to set up The Westbury Group. There are many reasons but the…

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2020 and beyond

As we are about to close for the Christmas period, we look forward to our future in 2020. We are returning to the Community room…

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