Open sessions

The Trowbridge Service Users Group open sessions is one of the most important sessions I often refer to it as a bitch and moan session. This session is often taken over by social conversation, chats about what’s on TV, the latest fad or YouTube craze, the crap service of mental health, politics you know “NORMAL” stuff.

But not everyone want to chat (just yet) so we have boardgames and art therapy colouring books and pens. Theirs tea and coffee so if you just wanted to sit with a book in the corner you can.

Open Sessions are also used for guest speakers, other service providers to explain about their service, advice services and group and meetings on developing Trowbridge Service User Group Mental Health Support and Friendship further.

At Trowbridge Service Users Group we know it your mental health and you can only do what you can so we have a no pressure environment. Everyone is the same boat and want you to know your welcome at any time we have a self-referral service and if you need support we can meet you outside and walk in with you.

We are also available to chat via FaceBook or Email we are working on a dedicated phone line or contact  number