Playing with Watercolours

Today we had lots of fun playing and experimenting with watercolours. There was no need to be able to draw, paint or have any particular artistic skills, it was all about trying out new (to us) materials, tools and techniques and enjoying the results.

To help us decide what techniques we would like to try, there was a little introduction and demonstration as well as some examples with simple instructions written underneath that we could refer to. A few finished pieces of work were brought along so we could get ideas of how techniques could be combined.

We were given ceramic tiles for palettes and shown how to use ordinary watercolour paints and Brusho to make simple backgrounds.

In addition to watercolour paints, we had stickers, wax crayons, die cuts in black and white, salt, paint pens, templates we could trace or copy, embossed designs, backing cards and mount frames, corner rounders and water brushes. The watercolour paper was cut into small squares and larger rectangles so we could experiment freely and not feel intimidated by the thought of messing up a large piece of paper. There was larger paper available but most of us enjoyed the smaller pieces too much.

Here you can see how people made use of the stickers to act as a resist to the paint:

Other resist techniques used were pre-embossed paper and drawing or writing with wax crayons:

Some of us had a go at working freehand with some great results:

Everyone had a great time relaxing and experimenting today, and many of us were pleasantly surprised by how much we liked our end results.