Chalk Pastels

Today we experimented with chalk pastels in a session led by Grace from Creative Minds. We were a large group with some new faces which was fantastic.

Grace had brought in plenty of pastel paper and pastels; there was a bird theme to the session so we had lots of bird inspiration to look at.

Most of us were new to working with pastels and we soon discovered it can be a very messy business! In no time our hands were covered with layers of colourful dust as we drew and blended the pastels onto the toothed pastel paper.

We sketched out our rough designs with pencils, then set to laying down the vibrant colours of the pastels. We used hairspray to fix our work as needed, whether it was when we had finished a piece or when we wanted to set a layer so we could work on top of it.

Owls were the most popular bird choice.

We saw a few fantasy birds…

…and some birds of more familiar species.

Some of us finished a bird and moved on to other subjects.

It was a really busy enjoyable session today and we were delighted to get some new positive feedback on our Facebook page:

“I went today for my first session. I felt relaxed which is unusual for me. We did some art and crafts which was really enjoyable. It’s a friendly atmosphere and I felt welcome.”

“Calm, friendly and welcoming. Thank you.”