Improving Coping Skills

1st Wednesday of the month

During therapy we are giving a bundle of coping skills sadly many of us only get a partial benefit from these or finds something that works and beat the life out of it so it becomes less effective. When the GP or Care Co-ordinator mentions IAPt you both roll your eyes knowing it’s not for you.

So ICS is a copy slightly adjusted to today’s needs originally it was about service users explaining how they adjusted the basic skill they were taught during therapy to become practical skills that were used on a daily bases

So on the first Wednesday of each month we will run a 4 session rolling course this means we will run 3 courses a year but as a rolling program you don’t need to wait to start and if you want to stay for more than just one round feel free stay as long as it helps.

This session can also be used as a stepping stone to the Monday group;

Session 1 Making Mindfulness work

Session 2 Coping with Depression

Session 3 Coping with Anxiety

Session 4 Complement / Supernatural / basically I don’t care it works

Session format

9.30 open coffee personal introductions

10am open discussion or lesson

11pm coffee and ciggy brake

11.30pm practical examples

Nb session will include body scan / guided meditation