Thursday at the Hub

Taking over the Community hub

Trowbridge Service Users Group will be at the Community Hub in the Shires (bottom part near Holland and Barrett and Waterstones) every Thursday in June you can just pop in and have a chat and find out what we do.

We will have Internet access and computers so we can help you to find information help you learn new skill and will be better abled to sign post people to desired services.

We will open and 12:30 and close at 2:30pm with the opportunity for social engagement in the form of going for a coffee or a wander in the park.

We hope for people to just walk in off the street and ask questions about we do, how to access the service etc or even about our art class provided by Grace from Creative Minds or even where the TESCO Extra Trowbridge in the community room can be found For More Information on the Community Hub visit