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mental health trowbridge wiltshireMental Health Support and Friendship in Trowbridge Wiltshire/

Trowbridge Service User Group is open to anyone with mental ill health living in and around Trowbridge Wiltshire. The Group is run by and for service users and is self referral and not time limited.

Back in February 2018 Trowbridge Service Users Group was started in the Community Room at Tesco Extra Trowbridge, We began with a big idea and no money. The idea was to provide a safe space that was not work or therapy focused, but social somewhere a community of support could be built.

Over the first 10 months we listen to service users to find out what they wanted and have adapted the group to meet most of what is required. With the support of Creative Minds and local artist Grace Dalgleish we run art classes on the 1st and 3rd Monday of each month, we also have game afternoons, invited guests and starting in 2019 a new monthly session on a Wednesday morning focusing on improving coping skills.

The aims of Trowbridge Service Users Group is,

  1. To provide support and friendship to those living with mental ill health.
  2. To develop and grow Trowbridge Service Users Group with the input and support of group members.
  3. To be a Free service.
  4. Fulfill the gap in mental health service in Trowbridge and surrounding areas.

The Future of Trowbridge Service User Group

In 2019 we hope to get some funding for Trowbridge Service Users Group and provide more services. This will require a bit of work and lots of advice but current group members are very interested in becoming more involved in building the service.

But so far we have managed with the great support from the Community Team at Tesco to provide a session that falls between the school run as we have had members having to leave during Art to pick up children, So now the first Monday of every month starting February we have an art session that meets the needs of parents and the school run.

We also have arranged that the First Wednesday of each month we will have a morning session. This session will be used as a improving coping skills session based on a 4 session rolling program. The sessions have be design by Peers based on how to practically use skills taught in therapy in daily life.

we support mental health awareness



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