Mental Well-being 30 things to do

Trowbridge users group TUG wellbeing30 thinks to stay well and healthy


  • Get outside for a walk
  • Learn some new dance moves
  • Take a hike down an unknown trail
  • Play with a pet (dog or cat)
  • Take a nice hot shower or bath
  • Change the furniture around
  • Visit your favourite coffee shop
  • Go get a good work out
  • Curl up in bed and get a nap
  • Get a Kite and fly it


  • Read or listen to a book
  • Learn to draw something new
  • Find a fun DIY activity on Pintrest to do
  • Buy a colouring book and colour away
  • Turn off your phone and decompress
  • Ask for help when you need
  • Stay off social Media. You will fill a lot better
  • Read some inspiring or motivational quote (funny memes also work)
  • Listen to music
  • Write your feelings and thoughts down


  • Turn on favorite song on repeat
  • Find a quite place to meditate
  • Avoid triggers
  • Light a scented candle and enjoy the aroma
  • Slow your breathing
  • Take a 10 minute break
  • Put on some comfy cloths PJs will do
  • Spend time with your loved ones
  • Watch you favourite TV show or movie
  • Eat energising healthy foods (this includes chocolate)