Tuesday Club Drop In

The Tuesday Club Drop-In is held at The Cabin (see map at bottom) every Tuesday from 11 till 2pm for coffee and chats. This is the best session to come along to to find out what on offer and more about the group and other sessions available.

This Drop-In is often taken over by social conversation, chats about what’s on TV, the latest fad or YouTube craze, the crap service of mental health, politics you know “NORMAL” stuff. The group is friendly and welcoming

But not everyone want to chat (just yet) so we have boardgames and art therapy colouring books and pens. Theirs tea and coffee so if you just wanted to sit with a book in the corner you can.

At Trowbridge Service Users Group we know it your mental health and we can all have good days and bad days so we are non judgemental. and if you have a little cry or get overwhelmed know you not the first and wont be the last.