One to One Sessions

So they see me

Available to group members only

These session are provided in 60 sessions and are available for any group member.

These session can be use in any way the member needs, but are usually used for personal skills building or as a space to talk through issuse.

We categorise sessions as:-

  • One off 1-2-1
    This session(s) is used to help fill in forms or help with phonecalls or referals to other agencies
  • Crisis Intervention (max 12 weeks)
    Ok we can all go through a bit of a tough time and as we know it can take a bit of time to get help if avilable. So we offer an hour for you to come and chat with a friend its a bit like counselling but it more of a space for members to vocalise issuse and together find soloutions.
  • Suicide Prevention (12 weeks 4 week break and repeat)
    Much like Crisis Intervention but this is more for those who get counselling but have a long wait for it to start. During these sessions we focus on coping skills, and mindfulness and building confirdence. At the end of the first 12 weeks member is asked what the require. Home work and assignment are included in these sessions.
  • Personal Development Mindfulness and Meditaion (Rolling no time limit)
    Meditation and Mindfulness is very effective in help cope with mental illness. Although mindfulness and meditation can help many find that unuseable. This is because those with mental illness need to find ways of using it it real life and way to adapt techniques to fit the understanding.
    So we take a person centered approch and build a program for each member.
    programs may include Qi Gong and Reiki or Chakra work, Guided meditations, Crystal work, Aromtherapy and other new age practices