Our Mission statement

Trowbridge service users group main aim is to provide a safe and friendly space for those with mental ill health. A space for social-interact without judgement.

we support mental health awareness

We hope to provide a minimal activity for social interaction while giving space for solo activities such as mindful colouring or limited contact via board games. Trowbridge service users group provides a space, activities when possible, and access to some art supplies and board games but hopes that the social interaction inspires.

Service User Involvement is key to Trowbridge service users group and the direction and needs of the group will be followed where and when possible. Trowbridge service users group aims at first level is to use peer to peer experience to inform and self-educate but when peer to peer is not enough then sign posting is given.

Trowbridge service users group aims to work closely with other local services and will always offer a space for them to have access to Trowbridge service users group to give talks or be open to a Q & A and have done and will continue to.

No matter how you define your gender, who you sleep with,the colour of your skin, what divine being you worship, or sports team you follow will never be a barrier to coming to Trowbridge service users group. Warning political view can be difficult but they affect our lives and we are open to debate but Far-right wing views are not tolerated and will be confronted!