About TSUG

Trowbridge Service Users Group

I have always had a passion for mental health services that are service user led, the reason for this is there is no desired outcome apart from wellness.
This is not a disrespect to services that are provided but not every person with a mental illness fits groups that are time limited or are work focused.
I moved to Trowbridge 7 years ago and was dismayed at the level of mental health services in Trowbridge itself. I linked into services that where available but never felt comfortable, I had broached the subject on many occasions about starting a different form of support but never got the follow through.
After going through the Human Henge Project and finding some real support and friendship I felt less alone. Then I was discharged from the Mental Health Service not because my Borderline personality disorder was cured or correctly medicated but basically because there was no more treatment options and due to budget restraints in the NHS they could not justify spending money on someone coming to see me every few weeks.
I could totally understand the logic and accepted the fact once again I was going to be alone; that care coordinator that came gave me a chance to voice my feelings was now going to vanish. I also know that I was not alone many people would of just been “kicked to the kerb” memories of “Care In The Community” rushed back to my mind.
Luckily my care coordinator introduced me to a wonderful woman from Avon and Wiltshire Mental Health trust whose job was to create service user involvement. After a few conversations about what I thought Trowbridge needed for a people with mental ill health.
I must say we really had no clue what we were going to do or even how we would get people to come! But with a “field of dreams” mentality “If you build it they will come” we looked for a venue and with a call from Tesco Extra Trowbridge Community Team about a free space we rushed along for a chat.
It look like fate had struck Tesco had a 4 hour slot on a Monday afternoon I grab the slot with both hands not knowing what was going to happen. But now the was group in a few days and we were a real thing.
Today we are coming towards our first year with big changes and developments are ahead of us, plus many challenges but together as a group we will find ways to overcome them.
So Pop in and say hi and enjoy a coffee.