New evidence explains how magic mushrooms could treat depression

New evidence explains how magic mushrooms could treat depressionThere has been a resurgence in research on psychedelic drugs. And the results so far indicate a number of therapeutic benefits. Magic mushrooms, for example, appear promising in their ability to treat severe, treatment-resistant depression. A new study highlights how psilocybin (the main psychoactive compound in magic mushrooms) can lift people out of their depression.

How psilocybin changes the brain

Scientists found that patients with major depression receiving psilocybin-assisted therapy had increased amygdala responses to images of fearful faces. (The amygdala is the emotional centre of the brain.) Authors say this is associated with improvements in mental health.
Previous research indicates that psilocybin can offer depressed patients relief by ‘resetting’ their brain. Lead author Dr Robin Carhart-Harris (who was behind this newer study as well) said: Read more here

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