From the Hub to Pride

On Thursday we had our first open session at the Community Hub in the Shires which was a huge success on so many levels. Firstly, I would like to say a big thank you to those group members that turned up to support the group, the walk-in people who stopped to chat and have a coffee. Then the bigger success of social engagement afterward and the planning and execution of a social activities on Saturday night.

Being in the Community Hub is a massive accomplishment in ways that can’t be expressed in words just to say that the levels of anxiety where not pleasant but with the support of other group members they did reduce and we enjoyed chatting and was all looking forward to coffee afterwards.

So, after our 2 hours, 12:30pm to 2:30pm we wandered over the Weatherspoon’s for a coffee, while their we got talking about Trowbridge Pride and the Drag Queen Bingo. So, tickets were purchased, and a plan was set in motion. The members of the group where informed via Facebook of the plan and where we would meet so we could all go together.

So, Saturday night we meet for Drag Queen Bingo, as we chatted we all mention how long it had been since we had left the house in the evening for some it had been 18mths or longer. But we made it to Leykers 1 White Hart Yard Trowbridge, .

We got a drink and a table and settled in for a fun night. The Mayor kicked the night off and Introduced Ms Fanny Burns . In true drag queen style, she lowered the tone of Trowbridge.

Fanny was presented with a bingo machine with balls so small you need a microscope to read the numbers. The rule of the bingo where to win you had to call out “My Fanny Burns” and on a win call out “Clean Tights” was very glad I didn’t get close not sure if I could of called, if I wanted to.

After a lovely evening we all return home.

This seem such a simple thing to of done  but when you have a mental illness this was like climbing Everest and like climbing a mountain.

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