Covid 19 and 2021 and going forward

Covid 19 virus

Trowbridge Service Users Group hoped to start the New year with some good news, and that is Trowbridge Service Users Group is still here! Ready to get going so our group can get back together and so we can open our service to more people. But due to COVID-19 restrictions and the possibility of another national Lock-Down it may be sometime before we open to new members.

As we are a peer led service, we do not want to add disruption and extra pressures to an already stressful situation. So, we will continue to run the members group online with Zoom calls and Facebook and daily messages.

Please have no doubt that we will be returning! Probably with a new program of activities maybe different days and even possible new locations. But we will follow the government restrictions as they appear. Hopefully, we can regain the spaces that the community provided for us at the Town Hall and at Tesco.

We are still raising funds via Donations via our support Us Button, our Go Fund Me page and Via the CO OP community fund raising to pay for a larger venue and help us provide other services.

We thank you for your support and will keep you updated on when and where we will reopen

Authors Notes

Trowbridge Service Users Group is a free mental health service offering friendship and support through a peer led service. Opened in February 2018 in the Community Room Tesco Extra Trowbridge on a Monday afternoon with a drop in tea and coffee session it became through the desires of those that attend; An art class, a coping skills course, a mindfulness class, a drop in and knit and natter.

These services would have not taken place with out the support of the Town Hall and Tesco and the kind support of members and others for donations

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