Thank you, SRD Portable Appliance Testing

SRD Portable Appliance Testing

On Friday we had our first PAT testing done on our equipment by SRD Portable Appliance Testing.

Having no real idea of what was require we did some research online and tried to find someone to do the job by using a large agency but not very forth coming or helpful, so again we search online and did a local search for PAT testers and found SRD Portable Appliance Testing.

We called and booked the test after asking a few questions which Scott was very helpful with. On the day of the appointment Scott turn up early which was very unexpected.

During the testing he was very interested in what Trowbridge Service User does and very informative on what we needed. He also offered advice about buying new safe products.

The service received was outstanding which was supported by a kind and informative person. If this was not enough to ensure that we will using the services of SRD Portable Appliance Testing again.

Scott waved his fee and donated it to the group which was gracefully received and will be used to provide food and drink to our members.

SRD Portable Appliance Testing.

Portable Appliance Testing and keeping you safe and compliant since 1995. Contact Scott on:- 07791 123031 for all enquiries. Or Email:- .

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