Embossing Foil

Today we were treated to a lovely session with Grace from Creative Minds, embossing pieces of metal foil. For a tutorial can be found below…

We had a choice of silver, copper and gold coloured foils to use and a variety of pictures we could trace. Some of us felt brave enough to work freehand on designs.

Embossing Tutorial

1. Place a sheet of metal foil on a cork tile or similar surface.

2. Tape a design over the top.

3. Trace the design using a ball point pen, hard pencil or embossing tool. If you prefer, you could freehand your own design.

4. When your design has been traced and debossed into the metal, remove the paper and turn the metal over to reveal the embossed design.

5. Use a metal ruler to help you turn the sharp edges of the metal and fold them to make a smooth straight border that makes your work a little more rigid.

6. To double emboss, use an embossing tool to carefully deboss both sides of every embossed line.

7. Enjoy your finished piece of embossed art!

Below are some examples of the work create during the session With grace From Creative arts