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Big things Coming

Most of you don’t know but Trowbridge Service Users Group has no funding but managed to provide a support system for those living with mental…

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Watercolours with Grace

Today Grace from Creative Minds brought in loads of watercolour resources for us to make sealife pictures with. There were large photos of different creatures,…

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Engraving art

Today Grace from Creative Minds planned a session of engraving art, an activity a few of us had tried before but not since childhood! We…

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Air dry clay

This week, Grace from Creative Minds introduced the medium of air drying clay. We didn’t need any special skills because Grace had brought along textured…

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Art From Buttons

Buttons have become a really popular medium, no longer restricted to fastening clothes, they are used in a huge variety of art and craft projects….

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Matisse inspired painting with acrylics

This week we began our new ‘first Monday of the month 10am start’ so we are more accessible to people who have school run or…

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Weaving on a cardboard loom

This week we had the opportunity to try weaving on a cardboard loom! This was very enjoyable and relaxing to do and we have included…

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Embossing Foil

Today we were treated to a lovely session with Grace from Creative Minds, embossing pieces of metal foil. If you would like to have a…

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