Matisse inspired painting with acrylics

This week we began our new ‘first Monday of the month 10am start’ so we are more accessible to people who have school run or other responsibilities.

A light lunch and snacks were generously provided as well as the usual hot drinks and biscuits so we were very well catered for and didn’t need to interrupt our session to pop out.

Before Grace arrived, there was great speculation as to what todays activity would be; we were delighted to find out that we would be using acrylic paints and using the later cut out works of Henri Matisse as inspiration.

We started experimenting with the shapes and colours we saw in Matisse’s work to make our own compositions using acrylic paints on paper or canvas.

Everyone was really engrossed in their creations and there was a lovely calm and focussed atmosphere which was nice to be part of.

Most of us managed to complete at least one piece of art and some of us took them home to work on a bit more.

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