Woolly Fun!

Today Mark brought in a selection of yarn, instructions for Scandinavian yarn dolls and God’s eyes, crochet hooks and pom pom makers for our monthly full day drop-in of creativity and chat.

God’s eyes were the most popular activity, with some of us adding extra embellishments such as feathers and charms and turning them into dreamcatcher-like visions of colour.

Scandinavian yarn dolls were new to many of us but we did enjoy having a go at this unfamiliar craft!

Crochet and knitting projects were undertaken by experienced yarn crafters and beginners alike. One member who had never crocheted before managed to make a star using slip, double, half treble, treble and double treble stitches!

It was fun learning how to use the pom pom makers which turned out to be easier and faster to use than the traditional cardboard circles.

We had such a lovely session with lots of chat and laughter. Next week we will be making positive postcards so look out for our next blog!

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