Engraving art

Today Grace from Creative Minds planned a session of engraving art, an activity a few of us had tried before but not since childhood! We used scraping tools to scrape away the ink covering a layer of metal foil to make pictures. Grace had brought in some high contrast animal pictures for us to trace, copy or use as inspiration.

It was a little tricky getting the scraping tool to make the kind of marks you wanted to engrave on the foil but we were able to practise on spare pieces of card till we were more confident.

This owl was one of the first completed pieces and was greatly admired by the group.

The zebra was a perfect subject for this technique! The contrasting stripes show up beautifully.

It was amazing how much texture and variety in mark making could be achieved with one simple tool.

This lioness had wonderfully detailed features and the mandala shows the excellent control the artist had with this medium.

The owl here was continued at home after the session as there were a lot of tiny marks to make.

This artist made some fabulous sweeping marks to depict the exotic plumage of this bird.

This serval is shaping up to be a fantastically detailed and delicate piece.

This work experimented with the wide range of marks possible and the contrast of the medium.

This monkey shows the coarse texture of the fur with the use of hatching.

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