A window into the Future

Trowbridge Future window display displaying our information
Window display in the window of Trowbridge Futures

With big thanks to Trowbridge Future we now have a display in the window of Trowbridge Future (formally the Hub @BA14).

We hope that the display will spread awareness about what we do and how we are. We also hope that by raising awareness we can raise some funding as we are self-funded and very new at running a group and being as we all have mental illnesses it’s taking time but with the support of Tesco Extra and the free use of their community room, The Town Hall for helping us create a dedicated art session with some supplies and of course Trowbridge Future’s for the use of the Hub and the Window as well as sign posting people to use.

A bit of history about Trowbridge service users group, we started with the help of AWP on 11/02/18 to feel the gap that was created when the Mental Health Teams removed many of it clients back to Primary care because there was no more therapy available to the them and it was a way to save money.

This left a large population of Trowbridge without the support they need as now being in primary care access to secondary services was no longer available. The worst part of living with mental is the isolation that brings. Knowing that we could not replace the service that had been lost it was decided to create a service based on the knowledge of those with lived experience and create a service that was not only wanted but needed.

The first rule was there was to be no barrier to access the service or limit to how long someone could attend, the second rule was that it was to be designed by its members. So now after 2 years and being forced into becoming self-sufficient we are now an unofficial group with our own bank accounts and trustees made up from its membership.

We provide 2 weekly sessions 1 on a Monday at Tesco Extra in the community room and  1 on Thursday providing art at the Town Hall as well as a monthly men’s group. We have on the 1st Monday of each month a Mindfulness and Meditation day where meditation techniques are taught with random mindful activities through out he afternoon we also have a knot and natter session run by group members we also have Open session where any group member can run a session to share their skill or knowledge.

Our groups are self-referral and are free to anyone living with mental illness in and around Trowbridge.

Please take a moment to think about donating to us by using the donate button on the right of the screen or via this link https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=A5YNNH6L8SMCU&source=url

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