Why Westbury?

The Laverton - A Community Venue The Laverton is focused on giving the people of Westbury a venue that fulfils the original aims of the Laverton Trust ‘The provision and maintenance of a community centre for the use of the inhabitants of the town of Westbury’.

Mark has asked me to write this 500-word blog about why I wanted to set up The Westbury Group.

There are many reasons but the main one will always be because off Mark, without the Support off him and the wonderful people I have met through Trowbridge Service Users Group there would be no Westbury Group.

18 months ago I woke up on a Monday morning and knew that I could not go on living the way I was , I was lonely depressed, I felt isolated, I had no sense off belonging or community and let’s be honest was 1 drink away from suicide.

Somehow and to this day I can’t remember how, I found the Trowbridge Service Users site, it was open, I got in my car and drove to Trowbridge crying all the way.

I walked in sat down still crying , Mark looked at me and said ” why are you crying ( I can’t remember my reply ..probably something like ” I can’t do this anymore “) he then said ” it’s ok you are here now , tell me what you need and if I can help I will !!, …I stopped crying then I felt some one hold my hand and she said ‘ it’s ok I understand we all understand ‘ .

I have had many more bad days proper shit days, but I have never felt that overwhelming sense off complete loneliness again because now I know I have some were to go, I have people who Get Me!! People I can turn to and most off all I have a sense off belonging I belong to a very special group.

So why am I setting up the Westbury Group?

I have always been very aware that I was lucky that day , I had a car , I had petrol in my car , I was able to get to Trowbridge, not everyone in Westbury can do that .Whether it’s because of  finance , family commitments cut backs in the transport system and many other complex  reasons many people in Westbury ( and the surroundings areas ) remain isolated .

I hope that by setting up The Westbury Group I can give Westbury what Mark and Trowbridge Service Users gave and still gives me , some were safe to go , some were to belong some were to share your worries have a laugh and a cup of tea and a biscuit it is that simple .

For More Information on The Westbury Group eMail westbury@trowbridgeusersgroup.co.uk

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