Tesco Trowbridge Step Up Once Again

Tesco Trowbridge
Collecting Tesco Trowbridge donation to Trowbridge Service Users group

Once again, Tesco Trowbridge has proved to be the heart of the community.  Tesco Trowbridge has really shown so much support for Trowbridge Service User’s Group.

Firstly, not only did they provide us with a free space to meet but have also been incredibly supportive to our group providing information and contacts.  And when we needed extra space for our men’s group, they were incredibly happy to provide it.

Well, since Covid 19, the space as been closed for safety. We really hope to return to the community room at Tesco Trowbridge.  In the meantime, we are looking for a larger space for safety reasons, so we can provide a safer environment to meet and seek support.

We have been running a Go Fund Me page and applying for funding so we can support those with mental illness after lockdown is removed.

£150 donation from Tesco Trowbridge

Today I got an email from Laura from Tesco Trowbridge saying that they had read our pleas for help and they had arranged a collection from the staff and raised £150 for us!

Well the shock that this has happened knocked me back!  The kindness and support from the staff at this difficult time, with all that they do to keep Tesco open and safe is beyond belief. 

Thank you will never be enough to cover the feeling of thanks and help. I would like to give Tesco Trowbridge Staff a big shout out for all they do and all the support they give to our community.

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