Covid 19 Safety procedure on re-opening

Covid 19 virus

Trowbridge service users’ groups first and foremost aim is the safety of our members both physically and mentally. We have been listening to our current membership and know that many still fear going out, attending small groups and even 1 to 1 at this present time.

We have come up with a set of procedures to ensure your safety. We know that our policies and procedures must run alongside the governments and our venues rules and may seem a little excessive to some but we have members that fall in to the at risk category and we must keep everyone safe and sound.

Transmission information on Covid 19

Once we re-open we will be keeping the two-meter distancing for the time being and any reduction on that distance will be put to a vote with all members attending sessions.

Depending on venue there may be limits on the number of people being able to attend and if it looks like we could exceed the limit we will make arrangements to rotate members present in session or add external sessions weather permitting.

Covid 19 Clinical Safety Course   Training received during lock down

On arrival you will have your temperature taken and your details recorded (your name telephone contact and temperature) at the end of the session these details will be sealed away and kept for 4 weeks.

You will be handed a disposable mask although you may use your own, and those with medical reasons not to wear one will be ok not to wear one. As we will be indoors this will reduce risk immensely.

Equipment will be delivered to you sanitised and will be for use if you need anything please request and again it will be brought to you and any items not in use will be removed and sanitised for others to request. Plastic gloves will be provided for your use and safety.

Covid 19 awareness Training received during lock down

At the end of the session your temperature will be taken again and recorded, if a fever has developed during the session, together if you desire we can contact NHS for advice although the likelihood of developing a fever during the session is minuscule we have taken that risk in to consideration and we have everyone’s contact information and will contact everyone directly to inform what they should do and help arrange a test to be taken.

Hand sanitiser will be freely available and be for we open all surfaces will be wiped down and disinfectant sprayed will be liberally used this will be done a minimum of half an hour be for members arrive to give time for any vapours to clear the space.

Use of toilets, yes we are going to let you use them but before going a fresh pair of disposable gloves will be given and after use the toilet will be sprayed with disinfectant spay and door handles will be wiped down.

Some members and trustees will be running sessions and will be wearing face shields gloves and will move freely between to access the service to provide equipment drinks etc

Demonstrations or activities will continue but we will use YouTube and a projector instead of 1 to 1 teaching.

Covid 19 information

At the end of each session all used PPE will be disposed of safely and all surface will be wiped down and room will be sprayed.

We feel that these processes will not only keep you safe but give you the confidence to attend knowing that everything has been done to keep you safe.

Current members are encouraged to help where possible ensuring that these standards are meet.

For new members, we will arrange a 1 to 1 meeting if desired or they will be welcome to visit us during our ‘drop in’ session.  This is to help signpost them to the service and any advice as needed.  Also, giving access to the group.

Information on our opening time and locations will follow as soon as it is possible.

Stay strong and Stay safe.

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