Halloween Candles Craft and where to purchase

For Salle at Town Hall Trowbridge

Trowbridge Service Users Group in partnership with Trowbridge Town Hall provide a free craft session for those living with mental illness and have low support needs and no support.

During a craft session decorating candles the group felt that the results where so good that we could sell them. So as a group we choose to make a range of Halloween candles which Trowbridge Town Hall agreed to let us sell from their shop.

100% of all the profits go back to the group so we can continue to purchase supplies and keep the group free to those that need.

We hope that this will become more than a one-off thing and are planning a range for Christmas and beyond. Trowbridge Service Users’ group is an independent mental health support group providing free peer support and a safe place to build confidence and friends and increase a person’s social inclusion.

Here are the pictures from our original craft session

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