Goodbyes and going forward

Just sitting colouring in

This Thursday 23rd March will our final arts and crafts session at Trowbridge Town Hall which will be a mix of joy and sadness as we have been at the Town Hall since before covid it will be sad to leave all the wonderful staff and volunteers there.

Trowbridge service users new home The Cabin Seymore rd

Arts and Crafts will continue at our new location The Cabin, Seymour Rd, (opposite Palmer rd.) Along with our Drop In and 1-2-1 Sessions. But we are also planning new session to make us more accessible to people.

We are planning 2 new sessions the first is evening social session to provide a little extra support to current members but also to include those who work and live with mental illness. Session is planned to run from 5 till 8:30 one evening either weekly or bi-weekly depending on take up.

Inside the Cabin
Fruit and veg for gardening session

The second session is fund rising session and will have 2 parts the first is session set to make items to sell via shop and at fund rising events, also to seek out events we can attend cost etc. the second part is to utilise the garden space to grow some vegetables and herbs and create a pretty space.

With the expansion our group and service on offer we will be doing a lot of fund rising so our service remains free and open to all living with mental illness in Trowbridge.


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Below is a map to our New Location

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