Trowbridge Service User Group Applauds Visit from Rt Hon Dr. Andrew Murrison MP

Rt Hon Dr Andrew Murrison MP

[TROWBRIDGE, October 27, 2023] — Trowbridge Service User Group was honored to host the esteemed Rt Hon Dr. Andrew Murrison MP on Friday, October 27, 2023, for a special session. The visit, inspired by funding from the lottery, provided a valuable opportunity for local members to engage with their representative.

Upon arriving at the cabin at 5pm, Rt Hon Dr. Andrew Murrison MP received a concise overview of the group’s mission and presence. The members then candidly shared their experiences with local mental health provisions and services, emphasizing the positive impact of their involvement with the group in comparison to other resources they had utilized in the past. These firsthand accounts underscored the critical importance of peer-led mental health services and the multitude of benefits they offer.

As a medical professional, Rt Hon Dr. Andrew Murrison MP demonstrated a keen understanding of the invaluable work being done, engaging meaningfully with the members of Trowbridge Service Users Group.

In a historic first for the group, the visit exceeded all expectations. Rt Hon Dr. Andrew Murrison MP’s affable demeanor, genuine attentiveness, and palpable presence left a lasting impression, dispelling any notion of a perfunctory duty.

Trowbridge Service Users Group extends heartfelt gratitude to Rt Hon Dr. Andrew Murrison MP for his generous allocation of time and for making this visit a truly memorable occasion.

About Trowbridge Service User Group:

Trowbridge Service User Group is a dedicated community organization committed to fostering mental health support and well-being through peer-led initiatives. By providing a safe and inclusive space for individuals to share their experiences, the group strives to enhance local mental health provisions.

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