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They’re just trying to get those with mental illness to remove themselves.
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They’re just trying to get those with mental illness to remove themselves.

“I’ve been dealing with mental health challenges since childhood. Now at 52, living with Borderline Personality Disorder has its daily struggles. I’ve managed to find a way to get through each day, even when it feels like just existing, not truly living. On my toughest days, what keeps me going is knowing the pain it would cause for those who care about me if I were to give up.

Starting this support group was a response to feeling abandoned by the NHS. I understand that I may not fit into society’s mold, and my connections with family are minimal. My days are a rollercoaster of emotions, from dark thoughts to moments of mania. I wear masks to navigate social situations, often feeling like a different person entirely.

Accessing NHS support has been a challenge. There’s a disconnect between my call for help and any meaningful response. Many in our group face the same struggle. Now, with proposed changes in disability benefits, the future looks uncertain.

For those with mental health conditions, working from home can feel isolating. Encouraging socialization and building confidence is crucial. As for the potential reduction in benefits for those with a history of self-harm, it feels like another blow. It’s clear the government’s focus is on cutting people from the system, not genuinely helping.

The UN and equality watchdog reports highlight the systematic discrimination against disabled individuals, but the government remains unresponsive. Personally, I can’t thrive in a traditional work environment, nor can I withstand a benefit cut. Stability is my lifeline; it allows me to contribute and be a part of something bigger.

Reducing benefits or forcing me to stay at home only hinders my ability to maintain stability and engage in self-care. It feels like we’re in limbo, waiting for decisions that could drastically impact our lives.”

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