Big things Coming

Trowbridge town hall
Trowbridge Town our new space for art from october

Most of you don’t know but Trowbridge Service Users Group has no funding but managed to provide a support system for those living with mental illness in and around Trowbridge. Our space is provided by Tesco Extra Trowbridge in the community and our Art Classes are provided via Creative Minds and Creative Minds Trowbridge.

At our last group meeting we were in a position where we could have lost our Art Teacher so with the support of the Town Hall, we have managed to retain our art classes and gained a dedicated art space in the Town Hall.

This means that from October we will be running art sessions from 10 to 4 every Thursday in the Town Hall. We are slowly going to move all art session to a Thursday and the use the Mondays and Wednesday at Tesco for other activities.

This will mean many Mondays will become open sessions or trail sessions. Over the last 18 months there has be lots of discussions around other activities and in 2020 we will have a new range of activities.

Some of the things that are being planned for 2020 are: –

  1. A dedicated men’s group
    The reason for this is in most groups’ women outnumber men and this can make accessing groups difficult for most men. The group will choose activities that best reflect the needs of the group.
  2. A once a month knit a natter
    group members will teach each other to knit a crochet
  3. A reformulation of the coping skills course
    Possibilities of turning the course in to mindfulness and meditation coursed created to focus on positive outcomes.
  4. Art to be on Thursdays
    moving art classes from Tesco to Town hall to be completed by 2020
  5. To get a formal structure so that we can gain funding

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