It took time but now I love it!

Just sitting colouring in

I first came to the group this time last year. It had taken me weeks to pluck up the courage. I contacted Mark after seeing information about the group on Twitter.

I e-mailed Mark and he reassured me that it didn’t matter if I was very quiet and could just sit and be with others who were anxious. I was also quite depressed and spent most of my time colouring in books.

It was good to feel I wasn’t alone in feeling like this. There are lots of art activities which the group has done and I have learned new things and am currently struggling to crack crocheting!

You don’t have to do any activities if you don’t feel like it and you can come and go as you wish. I value the group for their company and for somewhere to go when I need to get out of the house. Mark is developing the group all the time and people can be involved in this too if they want to do this

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