Under one roof

With the support of Trowbridge future, we are now going to be in one location. Although thanks to the help of the Town Hall and Trowbridge Future, Trowbridge Service Users group has been able to provide our Art Session, drop-in, our Saturday club and our 1 to 1 sessions. We not always been in the position to do what we wanted to do.

But from March 2023 we will be moving to the Cabin on Seymore rd. We will move our drop in and 1 to 1 session first and then bring the art sessions over and start an Evening session for those working.

In 2023 we plan to be move involved with the community and provide support to those living with mental illness in and around trowbridge.

This will also mean that we will be looking for more people to get involved in the development of Trowbridge Service Users group.

External view of Cabin from google maps with link to directions
Link to https://www.google.com/maps/ External view of Cabin from google maps with link to directions
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