You’re not broken!

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At Trowbridge service users group we know that living with a mental illness is hard to say the least. We also know that we can’t fix you, that is because you are not broken!

I know that treatment and therapy can help alleviate the symptoms. But mental health needs to be treated holistic. If there is little or no support network a person can slip back into symptomatic patterns that worsen physical health.

These patterns include becoming isolated, not eating healthy, low self esteem and when combine with a mental illness can and often exacerbate a person’s physical health.

As a peer lead service our focus is not in curing you of mental illness. Our main goal is to help our members make friends and build a support network. Have an open space to speak freely about feeling, the issues having a mental illness brings while having an activity to do. To have a safe space to go just to get out.

We don’t have clients, we have members, we don’t have a time limit, or requirements to attend this because we are not funded to produce results. This is because it takes time for a person to build confidence, make friends and broaden their social skills.

Many of our members have gone through the system and we basically have run out of their allotted time, some are on the waiting list for support, while others are working on improving their life.

Along with our activities, evening social, drop-in and art class members get access to personal one-to-one support.

Our one-to-one support is not formal counselling or a psychological service and is designed for each member and their needs at the time.

These one-to-one sessions have included meditation either to learn as a subject or just for a relax session to destress, relearning or gaining new coping skills, problem focusing talks where together we find solutions to current situation or just for an hour of personal time.

Members also gain access to an online private group page and whatsapp group chat where they can arrange meetings such as coffee in town and going to other groups and even social evenings.

We know that we are not for everyone. Just as the other services are right for some and not for others. But it has always interested me why people come to our group and the other day conversation in the group turned the limited service available. When someone mentioned that went to the “mental health provider name removed” group and explained why they preferred Trowbridge Service Users Group.

At “X” everyone sits around in a circle and chats about their problem but here “Trowbridge Service Users Group” it feels like family…

And it is that family aspect to the group that is important, knowing that someone is their usually 24/7, knowing you can honestly say your struggling and someone will do their best to help even if it only an hour a week to talk things through.

We encourage members to look at thing to support good mental being this includes meditation, mindfulness, looking at crystals, aromatherapy and anything that will help them.

To attend the group is really simple you just turn up… yes that can be difficult but if you are anxious then we can arrange for you to attend on a quite session and arrive early or even meet you outside and walk you in.

We provide free tea and coffee and often food donations are welcome.

So why not come along

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