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Trowbridge Service Users Group offers Peer 2 Peer support tailored, helping you to overcome the isolation and loneliness’ created by mental illness. We create a safe and friendly environment where you can meet new friends and build your own network of support. Trowbridge Service Users Group encourages when ready to get involved with the local community. Some examples include:

We provide several activities including a drop in, Arts and crafts, 1 to 1 session and an evening group.

  • Help to find other services available, and signposting.
  • providing a 7 day a week online service, so members stay connected and informed of local events and external group activities.
  • Advice and support on using skills and tools to manage your own mental wellbeing at home. This can be part of 1 to 1 session’s either as a coping skill refresher or learning meditation and mindfulness.
  • Encourage members to set up their own group meetings (externally), such as meeting coffees, going to shows / events.
  • Encourage members to share their skills with other members by hosting a session.


Every person that comes to Trowbridge Service Users Group becomes part of our family. Everyone’s voices are equal. So, everyone is considered a member and that’s a lifelong member. As we don’t set time limits on how long someone can come along for.


To provide a free and inclusive service we rely on donation and funding. Currently, at the moment attempting to raise £1500 to keep us running for another year. So please visit our Just Giving Page

PEER & VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITES: All members become peers because their experiences are valued. But we are always looking for people get involved who are driven and want to help grow Trowbridge Service Users Group.

ONLINE MENTAL HEALTH COMMUNITY: All member is given access to our private online group. Which is secure and can only seen by people invited and accepted. Here daily greetings and positive affirmations are posted. Members can post their positive experiences and when having a difficult time can let other know and gain some support or even arrange a meeting for coffee or a chat and a walk.

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